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James A. Lefeber (Jim) - Joined: 11/1990

President, Owner

Jim's Story

Jim has worked in the automotive aftermarket since 1972. His experience includes import and export of automotive parts and accessories.

David McKenzie - Joined: 1983


Dave attended Lane Community College and Southern Oregon State College. His experience includes factory training from Mercedes Benz, Nissan, and Volvo. In his spare time he enjoys hunting, fishing, and working.

Edward Armstrong - Joined: 08/2002

Service Advisor

Ed helps you at our service desk. Setting appointments, ordering parts, and, of course, helping you with your automotive maintenance and repair needs. Ed enjoys camping and BBQ with his family.

Travis Natho - Joined: 05/2009

Automotive Technician

Travis is a go-getter. Specialized in Subaru, Travis knows his stuff. Of course, Travis can easily tackle other imports and domestic vehicles also. When he’s not working on cars, you can find him playing bass guitar at Parkway Christian Center.

Aaron Markley - Joined: 07/1985

Automotive Technician

Aaron’s father, David, opened STAR IMPORT SERVICE for business over twenty years ago after leaving the local Mercedes Benz dealership. When Aaron has some spare time, he enjoys baseball, basketball, fishing, hunting, and his family.

Stan Galloway - Joined: 05/1998

Automotive Technician

Stan has been maintaining and repairing vehicles since 1985. When not fixing cars, you can find him fishing the Rogue River or working in his wood shop.

Jolene Lefeber - Joined: 01/2009

STAR “Some Times” Newsletter Contributor & Editor

Jolene married Jim in 2009, and now they live happily ever after! She finds time to proof read the monthly STAR “Some Times” Newsletter and contributes with her special recipes!

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